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High-Paying Recruiting Jobs

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Recruiting jobs are among the many possibilities you can choose from for your career. Among the many different types of recruiting jobs are medical recruiting jobs, college recruiting jobs, and recruiting coordinator jobs. Most of these jobs are only available to people after they have performed some kind of entry-level recruiting jobs.

Duties for Recruiting Jobs

Every recruiting job has as its focus the desire to find qualified applicants to fill certain positions. For example, some recruiters have college recruiting jobs: They go to colleges to find qualified soon-to-be college graduates to fill various jobs, including entry-level managerial positions. Medical recruiting jobs send recruiters to medical and nursing schools to find qualified candidates for residencies and other entry-level medical positions.

Recruiting coordinator jobs are common, too. In some cases, coordinators who orchestrate the various recruiting tasks also manage recruiters. Some recruiting coordinators coordinate various activities for the companies or recruiting firms they work for. They may arrange travel for candidates who have been recruited for jobs and are now interviewing for those jobs, and recruiting coordinators may also do preliminary interviews, resume and reference checks, and background checks on prospective candidates.

What Do Recruiters Do?

Recruiters may go travel to different sites and interview prospective candidates at colleges and medical schools for jobs, depending on their area of expertise. When they do this, they evaluate whether or not these applicants are technically suitable for these jobs and whether they have the knowledge necessary to the jobs in question. They also look at resumes, education, work history, and in some cases management skills.

They may give presentations to prospective candidates about particular companies’ benefits and job opportunities. They may also test prospective candidates during interviews, analyze those results, and give pointers so that qualified candidates can put their best feet forward during job interviews and show their true capabilities.

Because recruiters work for companies or for agencies that specifically recruit for different client companies, it’s often advisable for suitable job candidates to seek out the services of a recruiter as well. Recruiters often know where the best jobs for particular sectors are and can help candidates who are qualified find suitable employment. And because recruiters are hired by a particular company or agency, candidates usually owe no fees to the recruiters for services rendered.

Hooking Up with Recruiters and Candidates

Both recruiters and candidates regularly peruse the Internet to find suitable employment or candidates for various job positions. Therefore, if you’re a candidate looking for a suitable position, it's helpful to go to the various job sites on the Internet and post your resume. This makes it much more possible that you'll be seen not only by companies who are hiring but by recruiters, too. When you hook up with a recruiter to help you find a job, it’s often a much easier way to do a job search than trying to do it on your own. This is because the recruiter probably knows of several job positions that might be suitable for you. In addition, he or she can help you polish your resume and your job interview skills so that you have a much better chance of getting the job once you’ve gotten your foot in the door and gotten an interview.

Recruiters also work for employment agencies, so if you’re looking for a job, it may be useful for you to go to your local employment agency and ask about any recruiting services they may offer.

Getting a Job as a Recruiter Yourself

If you’re interested in becoming a recruiter, you’ll need certain skills. You'll need to like working with people, and you’ll need to be good at sizing people up and fitting them into positions that will work well both for them and for the companies you help. You’ll also need to be good at putting people at ease so that you can help candidates best succeed when it comes to finding a job.


You'll need to have a college education to become a recruiter. A bachelor’s degree in business, psychology, sociology, or human resources management is a good background to have. A liberal arts background is also commonly sought after for those with recruiting capabilities. In some cases, a master’s degree in business administration may be necessary or at least desired.

If you want to go straight into recruiting after college, you can work with your college placement office to help you find a job. Of course, recruiters are also sought after on the very Internet job sites they seek candidates for other positions on. Various HR management agencies and trade magazines also commonly have listings for recruiters.

Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for recruiters is somewhat dependent on the economy in general because as jobs need to be filled, the need for recruiters also grows at the same time. When the economy takes a hit and jobs are scarce, the need for recruiters similarly shrinks. Therefore, at the moment, recruiter jobs are somewhat scarce, and those that do exist may not be as busy as usual. However, as the economy recovers, so, too, will recruiter jobs. Recruiters average about $42,000 per year, with salaries dependent on the particular position and industry worked in.


Recruiting jobs are necessary so that companies can efficiently fill vacant jobs with the most qualified candidates. If you want to be a recruiter, you should know that it’s both a lucrative and challenging position. You have to like working with people and be able to put people at ease. You have to know your industry very well so that you can quickly find qualified candidates for the jobs in question. You’ll need a college education in a suitable area such as psychology or business to qualify, but because companies need to fill jobs and candidates need to find jobs, being this type of go-between could make for a very rewarding career, indeed.

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